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Alpha Mound - Dvahla
Alpha Mound - Dvahla (Back)

Alpha Mound


Lamour Records

VÖ Datum: 10.08.2018
Genre: Ambient
Format: Kassetten
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1. Alpha
2. Dipper
3. I Can See It In My Dreams
4. Intervention
5. Cygnus
6. I Can See It In My Dreams (Orgue Electronique Remix)
7. Outro
Alpha Mound - Dvahla


Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Edition of 60 copies. Includes Download Code.
'Dvahla' is the third cassette release from Alpha Mound, a slowing down and a more drifting sound compared to last years "Mesopic" released by Stålverk Records.
It features auditory representations of ascending/descending in and out of sleep/altered states. It in many ways tries to capture that feeling of 'in between' (or just crossing over) where the calm lives.
Alpha Mound is the recording project of Joakim Westlund from Sandviken Sweden.

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