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Degray - End Paradox
Degray - End Paradox (Back)


End Paradox

Parse Audio

VÖ Datum: 08.02.2019
Genre: Tech-House
Format: Maxi / EP
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1. The Fall
2. End Paradox
3. Aegis
4. Fade Out
Degray - End Paradox


Blurring the lines between reality and dreams is a theme that Degray sees as commonplace in his music. The ethereal and misty sense of a fantastical dream-world is conjured throughout all of his releases, blending mysterious ambience with entrancing beats for his individual sound. The four-track 'End Paradox' EP marks his sixth on his Parse Audio label, following up from acclaimed releases such as 'Dimensions' and 'Origins Pt. 1', which saw tracks get airplay from DJs such as Jamie Stevens, Joe Miller and techno trailblazer Enrico Sanguiliano in his mix for BBC Radio 1. While for now this Barcelona-based producer has stayed enigmatic, he is pushing his way to the forefront of techno with his new hard-hitting live sets, his up-and-coming record imprint, and his recognisable signature style of production. Successfully treading the fine line between floating, emotional ambience and attention-grabbing techno beats is a tall order for most, but Degray treads it perfectly, resulting in a release that is as unavoidably compelling as it is thoughtful.

'The Fall' opens this EP for us, delivering grinding and distorted beats straight off the bat that rise and fall over the course of the track, along with hi-hats and claps which, along with Degray's bouncy but pensive melody, let a chink of light into this otherwise dark and intense number. Other notes start to chime in as well, allowing a twinkly edge into the tune which flows perfectly over the increasingly driven and decisive percussion, leading this steady track to become ever more densely layered. The subsequent title track 'End Paradox' begins with a peaceful but foreboding field samples, whose crackling, rustling notes shoot suddenly into a momentous four-four beat and huge enveloping stabs of cinematic synths. The melody that takes over on top communicates a mysterious sense of urgency without becoming too insistent or aggressive, creating a bleak and eerie atmosphere with the repeated choral samples. As the track r

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