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Slavaki - Musica Descalculada


Musica Descalculada


VÖ Datum: 05.02.2021
Genre: Deep House
Format: CD
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1. El Jardin del Alma
2. Toca el Fondo
3. Body Poetry
4. Hortensia
5. Against the Odds
6. Shades of Etna
7. The Night Before
8. In the Oven
9. Astral
Slavaki - Musica Descalculada


"I started playing with the idea of title Uncalculated Music, trying to highlight the movement towards more fluid, uncomputerized and unquantized feel in recorded music. The other meaning of uncalculated was somewhat as in expression "uncalculated decision", which was about music created with no plan in mind. I also wanted to commemorate the fact that most of the tracks on this album were written while living in Valencia, Spain, hence the title in Spanish! When I contacted the long time graphic artist collaborator to see if he wanted to listen to the album and come up with the cover artwork for it, he kindly agreed to participate. Soon after, he sent me a couple of ideas and I had an immediate connection with one of the drawings. I was quite pleased how the theme was fitting together and adding to the story.
Later, during the mixing stage of the album, I decided to explore DSD format (Direct Stream Digital) to capture the analogue mix-down, as opposed to using normal WAV PCM recording. While looking into the theory of DSD I realized how much the subject of 1 bit unquantized signal was actually related to the working title of the album. I found it quite cool how at the end everything has become relevant on many different levels. So here it is, my third album … the rest is history!
I wish you pleasant listening, and may be through this you will discover something new as well. As always, thank you for support! Music is art, and art is an adventure. Stay tuned!"

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