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Ulf Ivarsson - Lower Zone

Ulf Ivarsson

Lower Zone

Lamour Records

Release date: 01/31/2020
genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: LP
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1. Flood
2. Lower Zone
3. Red midnight
4. Night in Essaouira (Dub)
5. Blues for JG
6. Invisible Road
7. Goodbye
8. Sanity (prelude)
Ulf Ivarsson - Lower Zone


One of Sweden's most acclaimed bassists and Grammys winners (producer 'Tha?stro?m - "ka?rlek a?r fo?r dom", "beva?pna dig med vingar" and "Den morronen") and collaborations with, among others, Bill Laswell (Material, Herbie Hancock, PIL, Mick Jagger), Youth (Killing Joke, The Orb, The Verve) and Mick Harris (Napalm Death, Scorn, Lull) release his solo debut with the album 'Lower Zone'.
With electric bass and various electronics, Ulf creates magical sound worlds somewhere between dark ambient and industrial.
The idea for this solo project came up in 2015 when Ulf decided to challenge himself in a way he had never done before: to go up on stage, alone with electric bass, effects, loop pedals and a wall of amplifiers without knowing what to do.
A blank paper, what happens can happen based on what instinct and impulse decide together with the technology and the instrument. Improvisation with elements of ambient, dub and free form.

Mastered by Mike Fossenkemper at The Turtle Tone studios NYC
Design by Sten Backman
Photo by av Elisabeth Ohlsson

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