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Ümit Han - Gazel EP (BergWacht)

mit Han - Gazel EP
mit Han - Gazel EP

Even though the Gazel EP is his first ever solo release on vinyl, Ümit Han performs, produces, and talks about music as if he has already released 19 records. A longtime supporter and visitor to the Cologne music scene, Ümit is a talented artist, one of the few who produces and performs using only a selection of his favorite analogue gear. So much gear in fact, he has a crew tag along with him to gigs just to help carry the various synthesizers, mixers, and effects processors. He takes music very seriously, his passion is clear, the love is there, and for his first solo outing he joins Cologne's leading Melodic Techno event series turned label; Bergwacht. A perfect fit.

Supported by Marco Carola, DJ Hell, Daniel Bortz, Sasse, Sasha, Marc Poppcke, Mistress Barbara, Patrick Muschiol, Solee, Eelke Kleijn and many more!

The Gazel EP demonstrates exactly what a debut solo EP should; an artist's versatility. Ümit has delivered four productions that sound quite unique from one another, but altogether create a gracefully balanced EP that has it all. Deep and dreamy (Makta) meets dark and rough (Candan) meets hypnotic (Beyt-Ül Gazel) meets Cologne-fueled melodic brilliance (Matla). The opening track alone contains enough harmonic elements to land this EP into the crate of every DJ that favors the likes of Ananda or Babicz. Han, borrowing elements from some of our favorite hymns from some of our favorite artists has created something that feels familiar, but is undeniably his own.

And this is only the beginning…The New Sound of Cologne is coming.


Various Artists - Among Us EP (Nulectric Records)

Various Artists - Among Us EP
Various Artists - Among Us EP

Nulectric Records starts their first vinyl series with this four tracker, filled with exclusive tracks by its main members.
Hopeful is the second release on Nulectric Records by Nils Bentlage and the first Track of the EP. He created a techhouse influenced beat with decent choirs and rolling percussions. Philipp Lammers and Ni No teamed up for "Speaking Up", a constant groover filled with hip shaking percussions and glitchy vocal parts.Tension continues with a minimalistic and mysterious groover called "Dazed". Deep atmos and a jumpy bassline are creating a mood the title is promising.Tim Rehme follows with his interpetation of deep and dark house. "Gravity Lane" provides a perfect mood for the afterhours.

Feedback Report:
FreedomB: "Big up for my buddy P. Lammers. really nice track. Cool groove for the upcoming season. Support!!"
Tim Green: "nice release! liking speaking and dazed the most here! will try them out :)"
Riyaz Kahn: "dynamic and sonically diverse release - all cuts have their own unique personalities - fave is the warm, immersive laid back dreamy flow of Hopeful!"
Ben Champell: "Nils Bentlage, nice deepful beatz! LIKE!"
Herr Oppermann: ""Speaking" is my pers. fav - great Track with pumping beats - floorfiller ..."
Right On: "Speaking + Dazed! THX!"
Sam Divine: "Good release! support"
Adrian Escobar: "really nice pack,will play it out thanks"
Pauke Schaumburg: "nice package. who likes deep dark vibes can't go wrong."
Kenneth: "oh jesus christ, finally! 5/5 they are all great just random favorite pick. I'm dancing in my studio right now"
Mannix: "Hopeful is the one!"
Brian Cody: "Dazed is really cool"
Sascha Riot: "The Nulectric boys did it again. Strong EP! Thx!"
Gunman: "Nils rocks the Show!!! Hopeful is a great tune"


Diarmo & Banku - Split EP (Basilar Records)

Diarmo & Banku - Split EP
Diarmo & Banku - Split EP

Basilar Records brings you Split EP. A 2-sided, 8 track limited edition vinyl release featuring the works of both Diarmo and Banku. Bringing forward 4 tracks on each side, Split EP is an eclectic mix of what Basilar Records and these respective artists do best, championing 4-to-the-floor electronic music, with lashings of layered, complex ambient beats for your listening pleasure. A long wait for a long-awaited title, whether you are new to Basilar or interested in something new, Split EP is one release you deserve to have.

Complimented with individually screenprinted cover art on the front and back, designed and printed by visual artist L'Aubaine (Laurie Bender), this limited edition Vinyl will delight visually and aurally.

Banku is the project from London based electronic music producer and visual artist Claudio Crispo. His style is a coherent mix of House, Techno and Bass. Banku absorbs everyday surroundings and combines it with addictive grooves to create this unique, energising sound. Claudio has two previous releases on Basilar Records with his Bring to Mind and Mind the Beat EPs.

Diarmo, the solo project of Diarmuid Slattery, a London based Dj/Producer and musician creating a crossover style of melodic electronica. With this his forth release on Basilar Records, he always continues to shape his sound, adding that melodic touch to his style of Ambient, Techno and House. London based independent label Basilar Records was founded by Diarmo in 2011.


Till Krüger - Trends EP (BergWacht)

Till Krger - Trends EP
Till Krger - Trends EP

BergWacht Records shows up with its third release "Trends EP". For this project, the young imprint invite someone who is a real good producer for the worldwide Techno scene and part of the Cologne underground family as well: Till Krüger , who started his career 2010 with the well-known and -featured "Wrong Shirt EP" on 200 Recordsand is an important exclusive part of WIR networks international artist rosterby now. He currently gets attention for his "Motor City EP" and "Full Support EP". As you see, BergWacht's family story goes on.

Title track "Trends" on A-Side starts with a strong and to-the-point kick that directly puts this track on the floor. Soon thoughtful, melodic patterns pour into this clear
announcement before the pumping subbass synth with a special impulsive flow is added. Later on, fussy and dreamy
heights bring the whole thing to an atmospheric turning point. This arrangement is a perfect dancing of peaktime bass elements with flying tender sounds.

"Skew"again makes short work at the beginning: An irresistible, magnetic kick is accompanied by a groovy and funky sample, while in the background a deep melody gets
started to be built up as the harmonic base. Bit by bit, the track is brought forward by several percussive parts, melancholic, heart-touching sounds and well-timed breaks.
Another ecstatic tune to kill the crowd!

Second track on B-Side, Good N808, truly lives up to its name. Deeper than the two ancestors, it also satisfies every needs with Till Krüger's unique happening of drifting kicks,
forward-pressing drumsets, catchy melodies and lovely harmonics.


Cass. - Loops & Farewell Sketches (shhhh)

Cass. - Loops & Farewell Sketches

SHHHH009 will be available as a white-180g LP with full color cover & download code.

The newest addition to our label roster is "Cass." - a new Ambient-artist from Osnabrück, Germany. His always tender and emotional Ambient-Loops have been around for a while until he decided to produce a full length album in 2012. Previously self-released on a CD-R (limited to 100 copies) the demand was so high in the first weeks that it was surprisingly sold out. "Loops & Farewell Sketches" is an amazing and emotional quiet album which demanded to be released on vinyl. Completely remastered for vinyl @ Fat Of Excellence Studios, Cologne.

Loops and Farewell Sketches‘ is the first official full length album by Cass., a 1991 born German electronic ambient musician, DJ and sound artist. All songs are the result of various late night recording sessions during the last month of 2012. The sound sources vary from old, sampled, pitched, modulated and destroyed records, a large field recording directory that has been created over years, multiple effected instrument - and synthloops layered on the top of each other, and different small acoustic instruments. All these elements of the album create a meditative looping bed of sound, which is in some parts framed by his own hazy voice. Much of this album is also the sound of microphones in the room, picking up the sound of moving around, or brushing the edge of an instrument. Reading this and listening to the songs, it’s not a surprise that the cold days of the year seem to be the most fitting season for this kind of music, which combines the warmth of organic instrumentations and the stillness of nature in a distinctive way, similar to the works of Ezekiel Honig, Lusine Icl or even Ulf Lohmann. The artwork was painted by Lea Seppä-Murto in 1979 when she was 18 years old, inspired by the beautiful landscape of her hometown Sammaljoki in Finland.


Deepfunk & Acidulant - Cosmos EP (Boom Merchant Remix) (Tribal Pulse)

Deepfunk & Acidulant - Cosmos EP (Boom Merchant Remix)
Deepfunk & Acidulant - Cosmos EP (Boom Merchant Remix)

Glasgow’s Tribal Pulse imprint pushes forward this September with its second release, ‘Cosmos’, by Deepfunk & Acidulant, backed with a Boom Merchant remix.

Tribal Pulse kicked off with Boom Merchant’s, ‘Temuijn’ EP in July, garnering support from many leading names in the industry, namely, James Zabelia, Maceo Plex, Craig Richards, Xpress-2 and Laura Jones. Here it welcomes the production duo of Maltese producers Deepfunk (notably know for his work with Bedrock, Mircocastle, and Stripped), and Acidulant (An analogue head with a TB303 obsession) onto the roster, delivering more, heady, up-tempo workouts.

The release kicks off with the original version of title cut, ‘Cosmos’, featuring weighty 808 rhythms, dubbed out atmospherics and ever-evolving, sweeping synthesizers. The focal point of the track sees psychedelic, acidic undertones employed, alongside subtle filter work and gritty percussion, further fuelling the tripped-out, peak-time vibe. Following his preceding single, the inaugural releases on the label, Boom Merchant reworks ‘Cosmos’ into a more direct, electronic track, the British producer keeps the drum programming on a straight 4/4 tip, and opts for bubbling arp style bass, ethereal pad lines and subby tones to drive the melodic movement. This groove is maintained throughout the tracks seven-minute duration, with subtle nuances and sporadic additional elements worked in, keeping things in a blossoming, progressive state.

Last up to close the 12’’ is ‘Do It Again’, seeing the duo take an organic approach with the percussive elements this time, while fluttering synth lines, vacillating bass and Detroit tinged melodics add a shimmering beauty to the record.

Deepfunk & Acidulant’s ‘Cosmos’ EP is out on Tribal Pulse 4th September 2013.


1. Cosmos

2. Cosmos (Boom Merchant Remix)
3. Do It Again


Ornette - Last Night, G. Delon & J. Delacroix Rmxs (Woh Lab)

Ornette - Last Night, G. Delon & J. Delacroix Rmxs
Ornette - Last Night, G. Delon & J. Delacroix Rmxs

When the two masterminds behind the label WohLab, Greg Delon and Joris Delacroix, decide to remix a track close to their hearts, both on a personal and musical level, the result is to die for!

Story of a pleasant encounter and a predictable success!
Key figure in the electronic scene of the south of France, Greg Delon is now performing in the biggest French clubs and managing a label that is hyperactive, shameless and not afraid of exploring new grounds: Way of House, a kind of “way of life”. Doomsday, Greg Delon’s last track, revealed a previously never-seen disco pop side to the DJ and received a rousing welcome among his peers.

A few months ago, Joris Delacroix burst the door to the international electronic scene wide open. And it seems he is here to stay. The new media favourite, a master in the art of remixing, is headlining all the biggest festivals in Europe. The prodigal child of the south of France is now the new ambassador of electronic music “made in France”. In 2011, the two fellows fell in love with the music of Ornette, an amazing pop singer. They were far from imagining the ‘dance floor’ potential of her songs. With her melodies sometimes cheerful, sometimes full of melancholy, Ornette offers pop songs tinted with a certain sweet lunacy and that you cannot help but dance to.

The 2 DJs thus began their electronic experimentation on the track Last Night. From the Social Club’s basement to the Wanderlust’s patio, the trio met, exchanged and got really excited about the project. Their encounter can be likened to the values promoted by Joris and Greg’s label, a human adventure with an exhilarating soundtrack.

Already support by : Marco Bailey, Slam, Hector Couto, Danny Chatelain, Miguel Picasso, Anderson Noise, Christian Varela, Philipp Straub, Benedetto & Farina, Paolo Mojo, Chris Source, etc.


10dens feat. Ben Stekker - Arbol del Tule EP (BergWacht)

10dens feat. Ben Stekker - Arbol del Tule EP
10dens feat. Ben Stekker - Arbol del Tule EP

After the successful debut release “Schmitzhöhe EP” BergWacht Records is now coming up with the second project “Arbol del Tule EP”. Of course the now well-favoured „Sound of BergWacht“ turns up on this release as well, and with dutch artists Michael and Jurriën of 10dens two more appreciated ambassadors of melodic techno could be gained over. The idea of producing an EP to pay homage to the trees of our earth arised after a long-standing friendship followed by 10dens’ first gig at a BergWacht Event end of 2012. Once again this is made clear: BergWacht is a family affair.
The „Arbol del Tule“ (tree of Tule) in Mexico is the thickest tree in the world. Equally phatt is the bassline, that directly brings it to the front on A-Side. Soon, selected percussions and a harmonic touching melody merge into a wide, drifiting and soulfully sound-carpet. With slick modulations and different synthies, this carpet takes you away on a journey through the track’s arrangement.
The highest living trees on earth belong to the species of the evergreen Redwood tree. Using gentle chords, first track “Redwood” on B-Side carries you off into the treetops of a mystic forrest, just to bring you down to earth some moments later with a kicking drumset. Striking surfaces and whizzing, stomping sounds provide for a well-rounded rave-factor, that is constantly built up to the end through changing melodic elements and breaks.
„Montezuma“, last tree and track on this EP, is a real musical plank. Playful tones are dancing over wooden kick and stunning subbass and couple with blurred effects. Here, too, the arrangement convinces in setup and structure performs magic to this perfect peaktime bomb.


Pablo Bolivar - Must (2LP + Download Code) (avantroots)

Pablo Bolivar - Must (2LP + Download Code)
Pablo Bolivar - Must (2LP + Download Code)

"Must" is pure sonic architecture that breathes and sweats, this is how asphalt and steel sounds in contact with rain and sun. The hunch synthetic of Pablo Bolivar's interlinings, reaches in "Must" a degree of warmth and unpublished maturity.
Oblivious to this musician modes and contemporary fashions, he deliver the Album he always wanted to do. IDM, Deep House, Soulfull and sunny electronics designed and crafted with the meticulousness of a goldsmith.
Songs as sophisticated as friendly; loved but without raising fears. Never Bolivar has been as musical as now, delight and enjoyment in each beat. That's "Must", an album to listen carefully.

With doubt, Pablo Bolivar remains one of the most inspirational and innovating artists of the Spanish electronic scene.
He has earned the highest respect with his essential albums "Anjanas" (2006) and "Recall" (2009), both released on Regular label, and "Motion: The Ambient Works" released on his own Avantroots. He deserves the same credits for his singles releases and remix works, which done for several labels.
We do not forget his splendid parallel project called Pulshar together with Sergio "Afro" Sainz, with several releases, remixes and two albums: "Brotherhood" (Phonobox 2008) and "Inside" (Desolat 2010).
Pablo was made for making music, always with an attitude, always with quality as a standard.

"The hunch synthetic of Pablo Bolivar's interlinings, reaches in "Must" a degree of warmth and unpublished maturity."


Omer Grinker - Under Water (Monkey Brothers Remix) (Parallel Records)

Omer Grinker - Under Water (Monkey Brothers Remix)
Omer Grinker - Under Water (Monkey Brothers Remix)

Remixed by: Monkey Brothers

Israel has proved a hotbed for electronic music of late, with talent such as Guy Gerber, Shlomi Aber, Guy J, and more all making quite an impression on the global scene. An Israeli producing for Lithunian label might seem like an unlikely combination then, but Omer Grinker´s esteemed debut for Parallel is a release that as its tittle suggest "Under water".
The young Tel aviv native boasts all the hallmarks of his fellow countrymen then, with the tittle track a brillantly clever anthem that flirts openly with various genres while maintaining a shrewd deep house edge. Fans of trippy, multi layered house music are sure to embrace this one.
Sonic intricacies hold the key to "Seen or not seen", another record that´s been scrupulously produced with even more off-kilter motifs playing their part. Pitched back andever so detailed, it chops and changes with the sort of deviousness typically associated with Warp´s back catalogue.
The last of the three originals, "Under water, emphasises the producer´s credentials with more lackadaisical piano inter-changes an underbelly of simmmmmmmmering percussion and portentous chimes all playing key roles.
Label owners Monkey Brothers then beef up the latter with a remix that´s basking in steday groove and even more suggestive vibes.
A thriling and seductive package that indicative of the protagonist´s musical nous, "Makes sense" is a record that serves up a fascinating journey throghout. Omer Grinker is a producer you shoud keep in your radar.


Moire Patterns - Music for listing & imaginative dancing (strictly groove recordings)

Moire Patterns - Music for listing & imaginative dancing

The album opens with the very deep and melodic bass driven of “Back To Basics” which turns into a brilliant jazz-funky fresh slow house introduction. "Music For Listening & Imaginative Dancing” gives not only the name to the album, but sets the mood for the rest of the journey. “El Patron Club” is a simulation of St.Germain into a more fresh and strong approach. Now you turn the B side to find “This Is XXX” an over 12 minutes killer track for every dance floor. In here, all the skills that Moire Patterns has, as a DJ and crowd shaker, and his unique vision to build a party with an up and down that take your breath away. The second records opens with “Winter Madness” which is simply crazy. Another long playing tune marked by the first part with a classic disco imprint and hypnotic sounds and a second part beat-less still very hypnotic with a huge bass line. D side shows Detroit feeling with “She Already Knows” probably my favorite track on the album. “Jaone - Night Music” is a very particular house track, rhythmic by the sound of guitar strings plucked to be met to a full bass groove. “Klap Trak” is the closing wonder slowjam. The 2xLP album planned for late September 2012 is introduced by a digital sampler including “She Already Knows”, “This Is XXX” and “El Patron Club” with the respective remixes by the hands of the icon (never enough grateful) Santonio Echols formerly of Reese & Santonio, Gummihz, and Mirko Hecktor with one of the most amazing remix on Strictly Groove.


Daniel Half - Lonely Boy (LP) (shhhh)

Daniel Half - Lonely Boy (LP)
Daniel Half - Lonely Boy (LP)

Straight comes the next release on Mettmann-based experimental label SHHHH, catalog number 008 - the long awaited full length album by Daniel Half from Sardinia, Italy. It is called "Lonely Boy" and consists of - heavenly-medium-transparent creamy sky-colored vinyl with 10 brand new tracks - DVD including videos to all tracks - Pocket Board Game "The Ghost Of The Lonely Boy" - Download-Code for the entire album in MP3-format - download comes with an exclusive Wardrobe Memories Remix (Digital only).

With a limitation of 196 copies this is a very special item and the most epic release on SHHHH to date. Every record is hand commissioned and full of beautiful details.

This time Daniel Half explores way more personal topics than ever before. It seems that his recently second longplayer is a weird and intensive trip through highly suicidal, melancholic and depressive soundtrack-ambient that leaves the listener with eyes wide open.

The videos on the DVD deal with quite disturbing and heavy topics like racism, sexual abuse, isolation, suicide, pornography, social violence and birth/death of mankind. Therefore the release is only suitable for 18+ adults and people not suffering from epilepsy or similar diseases.

This album is not going to be released in digital shops and is only available in physical format + download code. If 196 copies sell - they are sold out. Ne repressing, never ever. Just one first and final edition.

Take a ride with us - and explore the highly disturbing world of "Lonely Boy". It's worth it!

faze review:
Bei der neuesten Shhhh-Veröffentlichung möchte man fast meinen, das Label wolle all diejenigen abgreifen, die neulich
kein Yps-Heft mehr bekommen
haben, denn „Lonely Boy“ von Daniel Half kommt neben der (durchsichtigen!) Vinyl LP auch mit diversen Download-Codes, einer Video-DVD und – man höre und staune: einem Mini-Brettspiel namens „The Ghost of The Lonely Boy“ inklusive zwei Spielsteinen und Würfeln....


Falk Bachert - Dump Trump (Haske & Fusco Remix) (Flug von Welt)

Falk Bachert - Dump Trump (Haske & Fusco Remix)

ltd one-sided to 150 copies only!!
FLUG VON WELT proudly presents the ultimative dancefloorkiller „Dump Trump“ from the well known DJ and artist Falk Bachert (Stil vor Talent, Damm records, FLUG VON WELT)). Falk Bachert extenses the musical spectrum of FLUG VON WELT with a more overground, mostly popy, but always deep organic tech house style. „Dump Trump“ brings a wonderful trumpetplayer melody back to the dancefloor. Amazing! Functions well in intimate DJ sets, big rooms and open airs. Same to the great Haske&Fusco remix, but this stands for more crazyness and minimalism. Hands up! Full DJ support.

Robert Owens (Compost): love the Dump Trump mix, thank you
Florian Schirmacher (Perlon, Cocoon, FormResonance):
massive quality release!!! Nice to continue the good work!
the Remix is my one: is it acoustic is it synthetic?? It is techno!
Tyler Stadius (Fabric London): Always a pleasure to hear something different & these are for sure..
Ondrej (KUMQUAT, KUMQUAT BOOKINGS) Haske & Fusco remix for me! Support
Nik Feral (1605 Music, Globox, Cubism): wicked release, seriously well produced too!
LAURENT N. (LCR & Electropical Records / Various Radio ShowS)
Original track for me : nice one.! Will play & SUPPORT !!!
Alex Kennon (Cimelde, Mimique): massive remix, thx alot!
Dean Newton (Subliminal / CR2 / Luvely): Cool release!
90sechzig90 (Exposure Music): props for Dump Trump !! Support!
Andreas Henneberg (Voltage Musique / IDEAL / Herzblut / AREAL / Confused): would be nice without that trumpet ;-)
Rich Vom Dorf (Rennbahn Records): yeah, 4stars!
Klangware (Moooose Records) Original is catchy! Thanks
David Jach (Mangue Records / Damm Records): 4Stars, nice track by Falk...thx
Audiopunkz (Damm-Records): very cool tracks try it tonight !
Binary & Durden (Tanzbar Musik, Kostbar Musik): cool tunes...
Compact Grey (Gris Musique, Klang Gymnastik, Definition Records): nice original . . . . will try! . . . . thank you,!
Edgar de Ramon (Mindshake / Kiara reco


Tool...8 - Schmitzhöhe (Lanny May & Boss Axis Rmxs) (BergWacht)

Tool...8 - Schmitzhhe (Lanny May & Boss Axis Rmxs)
Tool...8 - Schmitzhhe (Lanny May & Boss Axis Rmxs)

remixed by LANNY MAY & BOSS AXIS !!!

With this debut release, Cologne’s new imprint BergWacht Records presents an impressive first
shortcut of its musical vision. Melodic and soulful techno, intended to establish harmonious and
danceable electronic music with a touch of melancholy: the typical “sound of BergWacht”. Support
and played by : Ryan Davis, PHM, Blake Sutherland, Paul Hazendonk, David Prap, Deepfunk, Ina
Becker, Ryan Sullivan, Manual Music, Inlab rec. and more. Robin from Cinematique said :
“Congratulations to the wonderful BergWacht crew for putting out their first release. Nice to see
Tool...8 getting a well deserved EP. Very warm original and also both remixes are top class. Full
support. „
“Schmitzhöhe (Original)” by TooL…8 is a symbiosis of warm, dreamy tunes, emotional sub-bass and
slowly rising, powerful bassline. This all peaks in a feeling of remembering a wonderful, bygone
memory. The artist’s huge passion for detail is evidenced by their complex arrangement building and
a wealth of beautiful synths to enchant both open-air and club floors.
On B1, experimental and sometimes abstract Lanny May takes you on a journey through different
feelings and atmos that let you travel along organic, living pieces of sound, full of changing phrases
and epic parts. Expect the unexpected – and a remix that, bit by bit, is evolving into an independent,
extraordinary Lanny May track.
From the very first second on B2, Boss Axis’ personal touch is showing up straightly. Strong and
intense synths, a grasping groove and the centerpiece, an incisive, ruling kick, unmistakably cause
this effect. A perfect example for giving individual style to an original without losing even a little bit
of its core essence and meaning.
This selection of artists can be seen as a cross section of BergWacht’s history so far. Maximilian Keck
and Sven Kirchner, known as TooL…8, have been part of BergWacht family and artists since it all
began. After several BergWacht


Dr. Ogni Jacquard - M-Pop / Sneaker (Société 4/4 rec)

Dr. Ogni Jacquard - M-Pop / Sneaker
Dr. Ogni Jacquard - M-Pop / Sneaker

Label-Info Société 4/4 recordings:All tracks that will be released on société 4/4 recordings are club tested and dancefloor proofed!In forward of every release the label owner „dr. ogni jacquard“ (himself a dj-professional for over 20 years with bookings worldwide) is testing all tracks thoroughly at different dj gigs & locations.Everytime a new track is played he makes very detailed notes about the people´s reactions and uses them for his studio-work and corrections at the tracks.Artist-Info/ Biography of Dr. Ogni Jacquard:It all begun in his tender age of nine, when he was in the 3rd grade. Jacquard experimented with the father's HiFi-System by cutting-up different Rock´n´Roll Singles of his older sister into new musical sequences. The result was an early version of the Mash-Up-Style that became so incredibly popular with protagonists like Jive Bunny or Fatboy Slim much later...Getting in touch with a Mixing-Tape by a school-mate - just a few years after the initial events - made the musical infection just worse. After this encounter with perfectly alligned dancetracks on his friends Cassette, the young Ogni started to spend all his pocket-money into buying records. Add two turntables, a rudimentary mixer, some feverish energy and tons of curiosity and you get a critical mass. - A DJ was born.Nowadays Dr. Ogni Jacquard is well known for his enthusastic DJ-Sets & LivePerformances containing TechHouse, Minimal- and Electro-House.Moreover he his worldwide highly respected for his performances and legendary mixing techniques in 70s funky dance and 80s wave & pop.His DJ-skills have been witnessed in many national and international Clubs in Australia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, France and Germany.


Korablove - Slowmotion (Franklin De Costa remix) (elusive)

Korablove - Slowmotion (Franklin De Costa remix)
Korablove - Slowmotion (Franklin De Costa remix)

incl. Franklin De Costa remix

After delivering a well-received remix for Slavaki's Walking In the Snow EP on Elusive's previous release, we welcome Korablove with this beautiful record entitled Slowmotion. Roman Korablev's first performances took place in St. Petersburg in 1996. He quickly became resident at Par.spb, Red Club and Decadence, while playing in many others clubs of the northern capital, as well as some well-known festivals such as Stereoleto, East Beat, Nu Jazz Festival and Plug'n'Play. Korablove's album entitled The Secret of the Third Planet, was released via Plug & Play Records in 2007. This album sold well all over the world, causing great interest from the fans of deep / tech house and dub techno. At the same time, Korablove began to collaborate with Anton Kubikov (SCSI-9, Pro-Tez Records). In January 2008, Pro-Tez Records presented Roman's first vinyl as Korablove, named You Made Me Feel, and in 2011 he finally released a full length album: Sociopath's Diary, which is the fourth release on the label.

Many other labels such as: Night Drive Music, 3rd Wave Music, 2600 Records, General Records, KGBeats, Plexi Records, Algorithmik, Electronica and Apparel Music got also marked by Korablove's appearances. His story with Apparel Music developed rapidly; the Italian label put out three of his releases, with remixes by artists like Yapacc, Ekkohaus, Tornike and Gennaro Mastrantonio. In 2010, Roman's side-project Barrytone was born, designed for experimenting with house music and jazz. Barrytone is already out on Pro-Tez and Apparel Music, with the debut album Argonauts.

In addition to his own creativity, Korablove participated in a joint project named Dubolom with Yegor KhZ, and was the ideologue of the duo Rybalove, with the help of Katya Ryba. A seminal work is currently under way on the audio-visual ambient project Ko.M.A, together with Alex Meshkov aka Nooncat (Trapez, Treibstoff, Trenton, Dilek Records) and VJ Marie...


Arnaud - Colloc Vinzaie (We Sink Remix) (Tablon Records)

Arnaud - Colloc Vinzaie (We Sink Remix)
Arnaud - Colloc Vinzaie (We Sink Remix)

Here is the first Tablon's release ! Product of a collaboration between several artists, Tablon 001 is particularly linked to Greece.

For his first vinyl release, Arnaud comes with a brilliant organic track, Colloc Vinzaïe. Manipulating his own recordings with talent, he creates a sensitive and unique piece. The greek duo we sink delivers a booming remix, telling a certain story with some retro touches.

The B face is made of two featurings. "Disused", composed with his friends Cleonce and Mos Eisley, builts a planning, ambient but as well for to the floor groove. "I Keep Control" with the greek singer Matina Sous Peau's intervention finishes this release with a very intimistic atmosphère.

The photographer Nefelie conceives the visual identity of this project. Putting a face on Colloc Vinzaïe, she gives it its proper autonomy.

Feedbacks :

DC Salas (Marketing Music, Doctor Vinyl, Toys For Boys) : Nice EP!!! I'm playing Colloc Vinzaïe since the first demo version :-))) The rest of the ep is really interesting too. Some Pronsato vibesss un it. Full support!

Hrdvsion (Wagon Repair, International Deejay Gigolo Records) : it's quite nice!

Ana (Harry Klein) :thx for this stuff. really like the 3rd & 4th track, very smooth and deep...keep on the good work

Bearight (Pets Recordings, Release Sustain) : I keep control is the one for me, though they're all lovely tracks! keep on with the style!

Tom Ellis (Trimsound, Telegraph) : the last track is really cool!

Dan Curtin (Rush Hour, Strictly Rhythm, Peacefrog Records, Mobilee) : All tracks are original and emotional, very good music that stands out from so many others. I like them all but Disused is my favorite. Support!

Franklin de Costa (Smallroom, Archipel, Resopal, Curle) : hey thanks for the promo :) b2 was nice. keep me updated with more


Analog Trip - Declaration Of Silence (Elektrik Dreams Music)

Analog Trip - Declaration Of Silence
Analog Trip - Declaration Of Silence

“Elektrik dreams Music” presents her first vinyl record EDMVIN001 from “Analog Trip plus remixers”
1996 was a successful year for them, because they became well known in every part of Greece back then with their single “House hit u like that”.
This time they decided to show a more melancholic and deep remix of an unreleased track from 1999,
named “declaration of silence” and they present it through a series of remixes of established artists
and active persons of electronic scene such as : Ilias Katelanos, George Apergis & Vgo and Christian Paduraru.

A1 : Analog Trip - 12 years later remix:

Analog Trip himself re-records and redefines after 12 years his unreleased track declaration of silence through another point of view
It’s melancholic but in a way makes you dive into his logic and let your mind wander while you are dancing on 125 bpm.
And when you think you have figured it out, it tricks you just because it does not “move” in known formulas of techno and house
It finds it’s way to your soul but gets lost in your mind in the deep pad and the melody while
it reaches it’s end will remind you some forgotten track of the 80’s.
A2:George Apergis & VGO Remix
He works with great pleasure every single beat . it was expected that he would succeed in the mixing
because there is a long history behind George Apergis and techno music .
While on the shame time vgo work on the filters.
No doubt this is one track of the record that will make even the most bored clubber to stand up and dance in every club.
B1: Ilias Katelanos Remix
After many remixes to producers that are idolized in the areas of DEEP - TECH HOUSE such as Terry Lee Brown,
Addex and more , Ilias Katelanos comes to add that sweet spice melody and colour in the track.
Let ur mind travel with the music …
2: Christian Paduraru Deephouse Remix
This is an intelligent mix of breaks with deep house tunes in a unique way that u know it has Paduraru signature.
Here let experience guide you.


Patrick Pulsinger - Nocturnal Cat (Houztekk)

Patrick Pulsinger - Nocturnal Cat
Patrick Pulsinger - Nocturnal Cat

As is generally known, the night is not limited to the time dimension but has also a spatial dimension. The darker
the night, the more artificial is the light and the more the even apparently well known places become unreal. Patrick
Pulsinger resorts to such dusk-to-dawn places by using his three excellent Tracks of his new release „Nocturnal
Cat“. Or to tell it better: he makes us streying.
Yet on the title-track „Nocturnal Cat“ (including the singer G Rizo, she was already heard 2010 on the track „rise
and fall“ on the album „Impassive Skies“ by Pulsinger) he definitely follows different ways at the same time by
the means of its Polyrhythm, the booms of the bassdrum and
the repeat-crossing beats. At the same time this track, which
occasionally reminds of Exotica, sounds like a deeply inspired
Live-DJ-Set which is performed with umpsteen records out of
far-flung Genres, thrown in a mix over nine minutes.
The „Nocturnal Cat“ certainly comes around a lot and visits
on her dusk-to-dawn ways the other clubs in town, supported
strongly by its freely flanking sound-parishes which sometimes
are swirling around and sometimes as well accentuate the
It seems that the track „Fat Fast“ is like a Techno-Track which
was re-born in a futuristic Latino-neighbourhood (which is
perfectly matched by the indicated Gospel-Synths). Again the
direction is not limited to cross-country, it is plurally parallel, sometimes in crisscross sequence, without ultimateness,
but this consequently.
This structure which reminds of a Möbius-strip can also be heard at the track „6-7-8-9 c‘mon“. Finally, this constantly,
lightly gleaming Soundtrack-like acoustic pattern comes to its full flavour. This is the way like on the audio
track starts already an evil film while there is still a black sliver screen; this is the way how in an artificial jungle
misterious things as well as fabolous things (and above all very evil things) are scared up. A track which once
again leads


slavaki - walking in the snow (korablove rmx) (elusive)

slavaki - walking in the snow (korablove rmx)

Slavaki has been polishing his individual take on minimalist sound for a while now. His releases found favour with numerous people of distinguished musical taste, and got hailed by artists as diverse as Slam, Ekkohouse, Silicone Soul, Brother's Vibe, Ziggy Kinder, Franco Bianco and Chris Carrier to name but a few and found praise on the pages of De:bug, Ibiza-Voice, Klubbers, and radio stations such as Ibiza Global Radio and Freaks Radio Show.
Slavaki's new offering Walking in the Snow displays artist's most notable trademark features - a rare ability to merry functionality, precision, groove and soulful airiness never shy from revealing the beautiful side of sound.
The title track is one of those rare secret weapons able to break the dead calm and start the club waves moving again. Full of crisp rhythms, haunting yet endearing in its awkwardness melody and a solid groove build up, it will do wonders and revive a dance floor no matter what state the crowd is in.
The remix support comes from Korablove. His unique production style on labels such as Apparel, Pro-Tez, Night Drive Music , 3rd Wave, and many more had placed him firmly on the forefront of current house music scene. His take on the main theme tackles the key idea of the track and turns it on its head taking the listeners for a trip in a parallel dimension. Dimension of Deep, no less. The signature groove is still here and is instantly recognisable, yet you will note that it's slightly more down tempo, less obvious approach gives the original delicate melody a new depth and subdued gloss.
The flip side is no less magical and even more beguiling. Sparkling rhythms, beautiful melodies, organic percussions, and haunting ethnic chanting are among the surprises that will convince you that both sides of this EP are filled to the brim with quality and inventiveness.



Sacco Vanzetti Duo, Calapez, Pyjamas - The SV Duo Remix of MonkeyMonkey (estrela)

Sacco Vanzetti Duo, Calapez, Pyjamas - The SV Duo Remix of MonkeyMonkey

200 handstamped ltd vinyls!!!

“With its wild and funky bass line Sacco Vanzetti Duo’s Remix of
MonkeyMonkey stays tense throughout the whole tune. On top of that
they packed a fat Drum-Workout and a piece of smartly teased 90ies
reminiscence.“ From the Estrela archives of exactly that period comes
the original, which was crafted by Portuguese Calapez at the time, as
well as the newly edited Pyjamas Remix. Calapez builds the theme
MonkeyMonkey on top of a playful piano roll and swinging beats –
simple and pure. “With a wink“ the Pyjamas Remix carries that
approach and the minimalist melody on, while adding a nice portion of
Acid. But “the absolute highlight of this release“, as already alluded in
the incoming quote is definitively the more than cutting edge house
Remix of Sacco Vanzetti Duo. Funk, power, tempo and lightness: it’s got
the ground formula to spin itself into the perpetual hunting grounds of
the absolute House purist.
Artist Information:
*Sacco lately released with Marco Passarani the Tune „Flora“ on the
Loco Dice imprint “Desolat”. The remix work for flora was done by no
one else than Ricardo Villalobos and Melchior, as well as Livio & Roby.
Under his alias “Spyro“ Sacco released quite a while ago on Osunlade’s
Label Yoruba a record called “Biodegradable EP”. Sacco Vanzetti Duo
and their definition of modern dance music is his newest project, which
he pushes and produces together with his friend Paul, the label head of
ESTRELA. Also watch out for the Sacco Vanzetti Duo Remix of
“Schwarzes Gold” by Munich’s Columbus forthcoming in December ‘11
on Mayolove Music/Roughtrade!


david hasert / bryan kessler - another day / she only likes me (like recordings)

david hasert / bryan kessler - another day / she only likes me

"Support by: Onno, Pawas, Rampa, &Me and many more ...
Limited 250 Copies Vinyl – No Repress. 2nd release from the Cologne Based Label LIKE, including remixes by Marquese and Matteo Luis.

„Cologne´s DJ of the Moment“ (Mitch/Pollerwiesen) David Hasert hat mit seinem zweiten Release auf seinem hauseigenen Label
LIKE wieder einmal überrascht. Im Gegensatz zu seinem doch sehr deepen und düsterem Vorgänger brilliert "Another Day" durch
warme analoge Klänge und sommerliche Sounds, sowie einer Hookline die sich irgendwo zwischen Club und Radio bewegt. Einer
der Gründe warum viele den Song schon als neue Köln Hymne bezeichnen ist sicherlich auch das Video ,welches an vielen
einschlägig bekannten Kölner Originalschauplätzen gedreht wurde, mittlerweile 20.000 Klicks bei Youtube hat und seit kurzem
auch in der Playlist von MTV & Putpat TV vertreten ist.

Die B-Seite "She only likes me" ist das Werk des 19-Jährigen Musiker & Jungautoren Bryan Kessler, die durch echte Bass &
Gitarrensounds sowie einem Ohrwurm-verdächtigen Refrain überzeugt. Mit seiner jugendlichen Leichtigkeit verbindet er
Handgemachtes und Elektronisches auf zeitgemäße Art&Weise so wie es manch anderer während seiner ganzen Karriere nicht
Der Kölner Produzent & DJ Marquese der mit seinen Releases auf La Pena, Oslo & Niveous Records ua. in den Playlists von Ricardo
Villalobos gelandet ist und mit seinem aktuellen Release "Mindshake EP" mehrere Wochen die Deck's House Charts angeführt hat,
sowie LIKE's Wunderkind Matteo Luis, runden mit Ihrem deutlich deeperen Remixen das Release ab.
Das Artwork ist übrigends von Magomed Dovjenko - 17 Jahre jung aber schon ein ganz großer in seinem Fach. Glaubt Ihr nicht?
Lest seinen Artikel auf Spiegel Online.


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